Bloomington Sacred Harp

Shape note singing in and around Bloomington, Indiana since ~ 1978


A good resource for learning how to sing shape note music is the website for an innovative group in Bremen, Germany. Much of their site is in German, but it’s fairly easy and fun to explore. They’ve made midi recordings of each part of many of the tunes. You may find this helpful for learning new tunes. Check out 276 Bridgewater. Here’s their complete list of songs w/ audio from the “red book.”

More helpful links:

The Bremen folks now have the Shenandoah Harmony book digitized with audio clips of all the parts!


One of our local members, Janice Harrell, has brought to our attention a set of rare records that Neely Bruce produced with a choir she was part of in the early 1970s. These recordings are terrific! Give it a listen. Hear the Temperance Songs volume here.

Every year we make an effort to sing at Fairview United Methodist Church as a “Thank You” for letting us use their facilities for our local singings. This audio is raw and unedited. We are singing from the balcony at the beginning of the service.

TIP: Watching videos on Youtube of all-day or multi-day “singing conventions,” is a great place to practice leading songs from the Sacred Harp tradition. But don’t just watch, practice leading along with the video!

An interview with one of the founding members of the Bloomington group, William Shetter.

Alan Lomax, with Phil Summerlin and Buell Cobb attempt to describe the Sacred Harp tradition. This is fascinating!

Members of the Bremen group (from Germany) singing a haunting version of “Psalm 30” (22b) from Shenandoah Harmony.

From the 2016 Bloomington All Day Singing:

Details on the upcoming 2017 All Day Singing.

Several of our local Bloomington singers visited the 2016, Michiana Sacred Harp All-day singing near Goshen, IN. Here’s Curtis leading ‘Africa.’

Some clips and interviews of the 24th Annual Ohio State Sacred Harp Shape Note Singing Convention.

Trailer for the documentary, “Awake My Soul.”